Liam Gallagher and the title of his upcoming album “Why Me, Why Not”

Liam Gallagher and the title of his upcoming album “Why Me, Why Not”

Liam Gallagher has discussed the inspiration behind the title of his upcoming album ‘Why Me, Why Not.’

LG joined Dave Berry on Absolute Radio this morning.

Liam explained why he named his new record ‘Why Me, Why Not.’

Liam said:

“Years ago in Munich, before I got my head kicked in, I was over there doing something. There was an exhibition going on, a Yoko Ono exhibition with John Lennon’s artwork. So, I went in and I saw this picture of him that he’d drawn, it said ‘Why Me?’ On it and I thought, ‘that’s saying something to me, I’ll buy that.’ Anyway, I met Yoko a couple of years later because she wanted to meet me, because I’d called my kid Lennon. So I went to meet her round her house at the Dakota building, she made us tea and biscuits. I said ‘I bought one of his paintings, the Why Me one’ and she goes ‘oh you know he did another one, I’ll send it to you.’ Cut a long story short, I’m in my back garden and I’ve got two cats at time called Mick and Keith and I’m sitting there having a beer. Then the door goes and there’s a picture sent for us. I open it up and it’s a picture of him in the same position with his two cats, or one cat or whatever and it just says ‘Why Not.’ That was what 18 years ago? So I’ve called the album ‘Why Me, Why Not’ I think it’s short and sweet. The album is out in September but there’s a couple of singles beforehand like old school and that.” He also spoke about whether or not he’ll take a break after this second solo record. He responded, “I think you’ve gotta keep dipping in and dipping out. Otherwise people can get very sick of you. It doesn’t matter who you are. Not on a break for what Radiohead had, they go away for 10 years. Maybe like a year or something, just get out of people’s faces. You’ve got to go away and be missed. I think that’s what Rkid’s problem is and it’s not time to slag Noel off, but he always seems to be there. His little head pecking about. I think he needs to go away for a little bit mate. But then again he’s got one of them faces, forgettable, so that could be dangerous for him. But you know what I mean, I think two albums, bit of a break and come back with a new one. 2-1, disappear.”

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