Liam Gallagher blasts Noel’s ‘upsetting’ version of Champagne Supernova

Liam Gallagher blasts Noel’s ‘upsetting’ version of Champagne Supernova

The former Oasis frontman called out Noel, who wrote the 1996 hit, after he played it live at a gig in Brazil.

“Just heard Dolly’s version of Champagne Supernova in Brazil. Somebody needs to have a word. It’s really upsetting,” he tweeted.

“My point is just because you wrote it doesn’t mean you should always sing it,” he went on to say, adding: “It’s really upsetting” and “I’m upset”.

The antagonism between the brothers is long-standing, with the band splitting in 2009.

In a Q&A with fans on Reddit earlier this month, Liam said Noel “needs all the songs he can get himself these days”, when asked if he would sing a song his brother wrote for him.

His description of Noel as “Dolly” had some on Twitter confused at first.

been trying to find a video of Dolly Parton doing Champagne Supernova before realising he’s talking about Noel,” wrote @CallumRahman.

Liam released his debut solo album As You Were on October 6, and it surged to the top of the charts since its release – only being knocked off prime position by Pink’s Beautiful Trauma on Friday.

Source: Evening Standard