Liam Gallagher blasts Noel’s ‘upsetting’ version of Champagne Supernova

The former Oasis frontman called out Noel, who wrote the 1996 hit, after he played it live at a gig in Brazil.

“Just heard Dolly’s version of Champagne Supernova in Brazil. Somebody needs to have a word. It’s really upsetting,” he tweeted.

“My point is just because you wrote it doesn’t mean you should always sing it,” he went on to say, adding: “It’s really upsetting” and “I’m upset”.

The antagonism between the brothers is long-standing, with the band splitting in 2009.

In a Q&A with fans on Reddit earlier this month, Liam said Noel “needs all the songs he can get himself these days”, when asked if he would sing a song his brother wrote for him.

His description of Noel as “Dolly” had some on Twitter confused at first.

been trying to find a video of Dolly Parton doing Champagne Supernova before realising he’s talking about Noel,” wrote @CallumRahman.

Liam released his debut solo album As You Were on October 6, and it surged to the top of the charts since its release – only being knocked off prime position by Pink’s Beautiful Trauma on Friday.

Source: Evening Standard