Liam Gallagher calls his brother Noel “a snob”

Liam Gallagher calls his brother Noel “a snob”

The feud will never end and Oasis are never getting back together.

That was the impression Liam Gallagher gave in an interview with Australian TV show Sunrise, once again savaging his ‘snob’ brother Noel.

“He pi**es me off, I pi** him off. I think he’s a bit of a snob”, he replied after Edwina Bartholomew probed him on the status of their feud.

“All the money and success went to his head, the people he knocks about with are pretty snobby”.

Liam then suggested the fact Noel writes his own music was proof of his arrogance.
“He writes his own songs and his gigs are boring… I don’t write my songs and my gigs go OFF”, he said.

“He used to be a working class lad”, he said, pausing for a long beat, clearly deep in thought.
“Now he’s about like, not too far from where the Queen knocks about – Buckingham Palace – he hangs out in them places so I think he’s a bit up his own a**”.
Liam concluded “Hence, why me and him fall out”.

But when Edwina attempted to move on, Liam interrupted to add with a bitter frown: “I still hang about with the riffraff!”

Then he talked about the comments his mother Peggy, 74, recently made about Oasis likely reforming and her sons being friends again.
“She doesn’t like it but what can you do?” he told Edwina of their renewed rivalry.

“If we were younger, she’d give us a slap, but I’m 45 and he’s 51 – if anything, he should know better, know what I mean? Because he’s older than me”.

He then revealed poor Peggy doesn’t get to see both of them at Christmas: “One Christmas she goes to Noel’s, and next Christmas I’ll have her… Poor woman”.

Source: DailyMail