Liam Gallagher calls out The Sun and BBC – “Your paper hacked dead children’s phones, shame on you”

Liam Gallagher has called out both the BBC and The Sun in a series of tweets, branding one as the “scum” and the other as “cunts.”

While it’s not clear as to what the reason for Gallagher’s BBC comments is, what is clear is that he wasn’t happy when he made them.

“BBC have always been cunts they wouldn’t know RnR if it bit them on there arse,” Gallagher’s tweet read earlier this evening (June 30).

He then turned his attention to The Sun, after they ran an article on Friday (June 28) with the headline: ‘Blunderwall’. It called Glastonbury‘s decision to allow Gallagher to perform “hypocritical” and “deplorable” after the former Oasis frontman was accused of allegedly pushing and grabbing his girlfriend by the throat in August of last year.

Responding to the article, and directly addressing the journalist who wrote it, Gallagher tweeted: “And as for that big whale who writes for the scum don’t be giving it Righteous 1 your paper hacked dead children’s phones shame on you lard arse.”

Source: NME