Liam Gallagher can’t perform without autocue

Liam Gallagher can’t perform without autocue

Liam Gallagher has confessed to using an autocue at his concerts.

The former Oasis star – who has been performing solo shows worldwide in support of his debut solo LP ‘As You Were’ – has admitted he needs the assistance of the prompting device at his gigs to remember the lyrics to his new tracks and the Britpop band’s back catalogue of hits he includes in his set, such as ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Wonderwall’.

Appearing as a special guest on The Streets’ Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave’s new Spotify podcast ‘In The Third Person’, Mike suggested to Liam: ”You might need an autocue, maybe?”, to which he replied: ”Oh, I do need autocue. I do have autocue.”

A surprised Mike responded: ”Really?”

The 45-year-old rocker admits that it’s ”f**king shit” to have to rely on it, but he wouldn’t be without it.

The ‘Paper Crown’ singer explained: ”F**king too right … I mean, I’d say anything, whatever they put on there. If they put f**king fish and chips and f**king, you know, I’d sing that as well.

”It’s terrible, leaving my f**king sh*t in other people’s hands, but yeah, I need the autocue, man.”

The ‘Songbird’ songwriter was without his autocue when he performed with Foo Fighters at the US rockers’ own festival, CalJam, in San Bernadino, California in October.

They teamed up on a rendition of The Beatles’ hit ‘Come Together’, but Liam forgot the words and had to read them off giant pieces of paper.

However, the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker later admitted he thought they were going to do the iconic group’s song ‘I Am the Walrus’, though he had had a few drinks.

He said: ”I thought we were doing [Beatles song] ‘I Am the Walrus’, but I got there and it was ‘Come Together’, so I was going, ‘Who? What? Why?’.”

”And then, yeah, I’d had a lot to drink as well.

”I’m not one for getting up onstage and doing songs unless I’ve had a real rehearsal. Especially now with social media, since these things hang around for a bit.”

Source: Contactmusic