Liam Gallagher can’t play Wonderwall on guitar

Liam Gallagher can’t play Wonderwall on guitar

Liam Gallagher still can’t play Wonderwall on guitar. 

The 1995 hit from Oasis’ seminal (What’s the Story) Morning Glory might be one of the band’s biggest hits, but Liam still hasn’t mastered the chords.

However, his 16-year-old son Gene – who he shares with ex-wife Nicole Appleton – is well ahead of his famous father with his strumming. 

Liam told The Sun newspaper: “I don’t even know how to play it on guitar man, that is the joke.

“My kid can play it, but seriously, I can’t.”

The Some Might Say singer – who also has daughters Molly, 20, and Gemma, four, with Lisa Moorish and Liza Ghorbani respectively, and 18-year-old son Lennon Gene with former spouse Patsy Kensit – says Gene is keen to follow in his footsteps and form a band.

He told Australia’s Herald Sun: “Gene’s still in sixth form but he’s desperate to be in a band. He plays guitar and drums, he’s on the look out for band members.”

Asked what is singing voice is like, Liam said: “I’ve not heard him sing, but he’s got the attitude and the look for sure. He’s a good little guitar player, he’s better than me. I mean, I can’t play, but he’s good.”

The outspoken rock star says he’ll continue playing ‘Wonderwall’ no matter what because the its what the fans want.

Liam – who is currently on tour and promoting his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ in Australia – explained: “I heard that, it topped some Triple J poll didn’t it? But it’s a big song everywhere around the world. 

“A lot of people give it a bit of stick, they say they’ve heard it a million times but as soon as you play it people lose their sh*t over it and they’re all f**ing buzzing. 

“The way I see it there’s a new generation of people coming to see me or Noel and they want to hear it. 

“They’ve paid money so who am I not to play it? I don’t mind playing it. I love it. We play it with a cello and an acoustic guitar now, I think that’s how it should be done. We’ll be playing it in Australia, don’t worry.”

Source: Radio X