Liam Gallagher claims Oasis were ‘bigger than Britpop’ and other bands were ‘desperate’

Liam Gallagher claims Oasis were ‘bigger than Britpop’ and other bands were ‘desperate’

Liam Gallagher, 47, took to Twitter and claimed Oasis were ‘bigger than Britpop’.

The British singer, who is currently supporting The Who in the US, formed the iconic brand in Manchester in 1991, alongside his brother Noel Gallagher, 52.

With eight UK number-one singles, eight UK number-one albums, 17 NME Awards, and six Brit Awards, the group garnered worldwide success.

And during the nineties – and the band’s heyday – Oasis were locked in a chart battle with fellow Britpop band, Blur.

The groups dropped their highly-anticipated new singles on the same day, setting up the biggest head-to-head in chart history.

The decades-old rivalry is still a talked about subject, and one fans asked Liam what he thought about the UK-based music and culture movement in the mid-1990s which saw Oasis clash with a number of other groups.

One asked: “Do you think Oasis were Britpop?”

Liam replied: “We were bigger than Britpop all those bands were desperate.”

And other fans seemed to agree as social networker put: “Never Britpop far superior than that lot.”

“Bigger than anyone”, a second added.

Despite hurling remarks at the rival group over the years, Liam previously revealed in an interview his biggest guilty pleasure is listening to Blur.

During an interview with Vogue, as part of their 73 Questions segment, the One of Us hitmaker admitted he had a newfound love for the Albarn-fronted band.

However, making joke of the situation, he said “Blur were overrated and Oasis were underrated.”

It doesn’t seem like Liam is backing down anytime soon…

Source: Daily Star