Liam Gallagher claims smoking marijuana while listening to Pink Floyd ‘opened his mind’

Liam Gallagher claims smoking marijuana while listening to Pink Floyd ‘opened his mind’

Liam Gallagher says smoking marijuana while listening to Pink Floyd allowed his “mind to open”.

The former Oasis frontman has revealed getting stoned and listening to the prog rock legends’ psychedelic classic ‘Comfortably Numb’ in total darkness as a teenager was “petrifying” at the time, but, in hindsight, he believes it allowed him to see things from new perspectives.

The 48-year-old rocker recalled on Phil Taggart’s new part-radio, part-podcast show ‘ChillDaBeats’: “I had a mate called Steven who’s no longer with us, rest in peace, and he was about a year older than us and he used to say look come to my house, I’ve got this album [‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd] and he used to have all these albums and we were all smoking weed and he’d close the curtains and he’d go listen, just listen. We were all stoned out of our heads at about two in the afternoon, we were meant to be in school and we go, can we just open the curtains a little bit? He’d go, ‘Nah just keep them closed man’, so we’d be sitting there in pitch darkness terrified. Pink Floyd can open your mind and stuff like that but [when you’re a teenager] it’s like we’d seen a ghost, it was petrifying. But as you get older you sit there and go, I’m glad I actually listened to that stoned out of my head because the mind is open, it’s great.”

Elsewhere, the ‘One of Us’ singer spoke with the broadcaster about not having the energy to be “ranting and raving like an irritant” and making protest music these days.

“Everyone expects you to come out and they go oh what’s your new song, is it rowdy, is it anti this, is it anti that – and I go is it f*** mate! I haven’t got time for that, leave that to the spotty youths man, I ain’t got time for that, I haven’t got time to be ranting and raving like an irritant, I’ve done all that.”