Liam Gallagher defines Noel ‘the most arrogant musician’ he’s ever met

Liam Gallagher defines Noel ‘the most arrogant musician’ he’s ever met

Liam Gallagher, 47, has taken another swipe at estranged brother Noel Gallagher, 52, during a reddit chat with fans.

The former Oasis frontman, who hasn’t spoken to his sibling in over a decade, took part in the Q&A over the weekend with his following.

Questioned on everything from his new album Why Me? Why Not, along with his career highs, and possible concert tours, in typical Liam fashion, he didn’t hold back.

Despite Oasis splitting in 2009, many fans still questioned the singer about the Brit Pop group, along with his long-running feud with Noel.

One asked: “Who’s the most arrogant musician you’ve ever met?

“Noel Gallagher,” he quipped.

Putting to be rumours surrounding the band, another user pressed: “Is it true you threw a plum at Noel on the night Oasis split up?

“Fake news,” Liam replied.

One fan asked: “Can you get the Verve back together?”

“I can’t get my own band back together let alone anyone else,” he playfully quipped.

Oasis sent shockwaves through the music industry when they split in 2009.

The group were preparing to go onstage at the Rock En Seine festival in Paris when an argument broke out and Noel ending up storming off and quitting the band.

The show, along with the tour, was cancelled and Noel issued a statement citing he “simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer”.

Earlier this year, Liam told Radio X Noel quit the group because he was “too scared of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Noel Gallagher left Oasis. He couldn’t handle the vibes any more. He couldn’t handle the rock ’n’ roll. He was too scared of it. So now he’s gone all cosmic pop and Leo Sayer,” he said.

Source: Daily Star