Liam Gallagher denies rumors about his retirement from music

A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher has denied that the former Oasis frontman has retired from music, following recent tabloid reports.

On Monday 7th The Sun reported that Gallagher had revealed the news to a fan in London, quoting the star as saying: “I am retired now. I can write 25 songs but all of them will be shit”.
Gallagher recently made similar comments while live-tweeting the Brits. He wrote: “Music in the UK has been abducted by massive cunts… Thank fuck I got out when I got out”.

However, Gallagher’s press representative has now dismissed the retirement rumours, telling NME: “In true tabloid style it’s not true”.
Gallagher recently ruled out the possibility of him releasing a solo album: “Solo record, are you fucking tripping dickhead?” Gallagher wrote on Twitter, saying he would not release solo material as he is “not a cunt”.

Source: NME