Liam Gallagher describes his brother Noel in one word

Liam Gallagher describes his brother Noel in one word

Liam Gallagher was asked to describe his brother Noel and he decided to take the opportunity to make a dig at his height.

The former Oasis rocker isn’t backwards about coming forwards when it comes to his sibling, and has been known to call him anything from a “potato” to “George Bush in disguise”.


But when a fan took to Twitter to ask the Manchester legend to describe Noel in one word, and he simply replied: “Diddy”.

Liam’s response was pretty mild considering Noel recently attacked his appearance and compared him to the 80s Greek crooner Demis Roussos, who was almost 24 stone at his heaviest.

Asked on Matt Morgan’s Funny How?podcast if he wishes he’d gone more crazy as a rock star, Noel digressed and quipped: “Our kid has gone all Demis Roussos at the minute, ain’t he?”

He added: “He’s not f***ing isolating from the sweet trolley is he?”

Despite this, Liam – who is indeed going for a more rugged look during lockdown – seems to have largely risen above it, telling fans who reported his brother’s harsh words to him that he’s feeling “zen”.

Source: Radio X

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