Liam Gallagher hopes he’ll be “brothers” with Noel again

Liam Gallagher says making up with his brother Noel is more important than an Oasis reunion. 

The Wall of Glass rocker has been in a long-running feud with his 50-year-old sibling, and is adamant there’s no hope of a reunion until they mend their rift.
Asked if it has always been his plan to get the band back together, Gallagher told Metro US: “My plan is to live my life. And one day, with a little hope, my brother and I will be brothers.”

“Oasis is Noel and me. If we do not understand each other, there is no Oasis.”

“If we do understand each other, then possibly Oasis will return. But the important thing is that we will be brothers again.”

Source: Radio X