Liam Gallagher: “I breathe fire into my music”

Liam Gallagher: “I breathe fire into my music”

The long-awaited day has finally arrived: Liam Gallagher’s second solo album Why Me, Why Not hits the shelves today.

After 25 years in the spotlight, Liam remains as exciting and iconic a frontman as ever. He is full of hope and enthusiasm and appears more optimistic than he was at the time of the release of As You Were.

“Just looking forward to every second that comes my way. I’m loving life, man. Life is good at the moment. It’s good to be alive”.

Liam’s recent optimistic sentiments have found their reflection in his new music. The new album sounds uplifting, hopeful, energetic and fresh, and its overall lyrcial idea of carrying on, not giving up and facing the future with courage is way more vivid than in As You Were. Liam seems very satisfied with his work – and rightly so.

“They’re better songs. I think they’re bigger, better written, they’re a lot deeper. It’s sort of the natural progress. There’s a lot of nice tunes on there – like Meadow and that. But there’s totally a rock and a roll side there – you got Be Still, Halo, Shockwave. All those songs are right up my street. I’m thankful for these new sounds, man. I’m in my comfort zone when playing these songs. There was nothing challenging on this record at all. That’s just how I like it. I ain’t here to cure cancer or fix the ozone layer. Making music should be easy”.

Liam insists his new songs aren’t about anyone in particular, even though the fans can still find lyrical hints at his brother Noel and his girlfriend Debbie. In particular, Now That I’ve Found You is dedicated to Liam’s daughter Molly that he only recently welcomed into his life. The song stands out as one of the most cheerful on the album.

“I haven’t had a relationship with her since she was born, for crazy reasons, so I just wanted to get those feelings out. It’s a love song letting it all out. It’s lovely to have her around. And I’ll always be there for her, until the day we all go to the next level”.

Liam goes on to rant about One of Us, the single that many associate with Liam’s turbulent, bittersweet relationship with his estranged brother Noel.

“That one is a bit of an angry tune, and I like it. It will sound great live. I guess people will think it’s about Noel – but there’s lots of cunts out there! It could be about any of them”.

While recording Why Me, Why Not, Liam collaborated with well-known songwriters like Gregg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt. Despite Noel’s notorious contempt for ‘the army of songwriters’, Liam doesn’t see anything wrong about it and is the first to admit he’s not the best lyricist in the music history.

“If you can write a good song, you can write a good song. You just leave the Rock’n’Roll to me. The way we work together is that they bring in the music, and I breathe the fire into it. It doesn’t matter what kind of song we’re making, I can still make it sound like me”.

Despite Liam’s enthusiasm about his new music, Oasis hits still occupy the major part of his setlist. Liam is reasonably proud of the Oasis legacy and is keen on keeping it intact.

“I know I can take my pick from the Oasis catalogue and have people go crazy to all of it. I’m really lucky in that sense. A lot of people don’t have it in their arsenal. I see it as a blessing. People are always gonna get Oasis songs off me. There’s no way I’m going out there at a festival and playing five songs off As You Were and five songs off the new one. Who wants that? I don’t like shows where everyone’s just standing around. That’s boring as fuck to me. But then you drop an Oasis song – and it wakes everybody up. That’s why I endeavour to do half and half. I enjoyed the years with Oasis. We were putting albums out, we were doing big tours. I like to be busy. So I’m making up for the lost time”.

Throughout his music career, Liam has been known for his undeniable talent, powerful vocals – and unlimited confidence that sometimes borders with arrogance. With his bold, cheeky statements Liam certainly lives up to this image.

“The day I lose my confidence, I might as well stick needles in my eyes and die. If you’re into good music, good songs and singers like me who do exactly what it says on the fucking tin, the new album will be right up your street”.

Despite all the seeming arrogance and a tough Rock’n’Roll icon image, Liam still remains a little kid at heart. As soon as the interviewer switches from music to a more unexpected topic, Liam readily demonstrates an adorable excitement about life’s surprises.

“If I happen to have only 2.50 pounds in my pocket, I’d spend it on a Kinder Egg. You just never know what you’re gonna get. It’s something to keep your fingers twiddling, and it’s a nice little surprise. And it’s a sugar rush”.

Liam getting all too excited about Kinder Eggs is probably not the first thing that might come to your mind when you hear of him, but on the other hand, he never tried to be predictable. The interviewer goes on to ask Liam what his advice to a 90’s rock icon would possibly be. As usual, Liam’s answer doesn’t disappoint.

“Just stay out of my way. And if you’re an icon, you shouldn’t ever go away. After all, there’s not many of us left. So come and feel the love and give us a cuddle. Let’s have a gin and tonic, and feel supersonic”.

With his solo career soaring high, his family around to give him love and support and the future looking promising and exciting, it’s honestly hard to imagine how life could get much better for Liam right now. Perhaps, the only thing missing from the perfect harmony is that long-awaited call from Noel. Nevertheless, Liam is ready to face whatever the future brings and stands proud and confident as ever. And after all, he has every right to be proud.

Source: The Face, The Fader and Junkee magazines