Liam Gallagher ignores security guard to give ‘screaming’ Hull fans what they want

Liam Gallagher ignores security guard to give ‘screaming’ Hull fans what they want

Liam Gallagher treated “screaming” fans when he met them outside Hull City Hall following his “biblical” MTV Unplugged gig.

The Manc legend ignored his security guard as he tried to shepherd him into a black Mercedes, so he could meet his fans who had waited to catch a glimpse of the star.

And as these pictures show, he did not disappoint as he signed autographs for scores of fans before throwing his pen into the crowd.

Among them was poet and playwright Vicky Foster who had travelled eight hours back to Hull for Humber Street Sesh and was lucky enough to be walking past when the star came out of City Hall. Read more about his amazing gig here.

She said: “I’ve been a massive fan of Oasis since the 90s. I grew up with them, and when they brought out Stop Crying Your Heart Out in 2002, it was a song that meant a lot to me.

“We didn’t even try to get tickets for Liam because we were away on holiday and wouldn’t have been back in time.

“We’d only popped to Sesh for a couple of hours and when I saw the crowd outside Hull City Hall on the way home, and heard people shouting his name, I realised what must be happening and ran over.

“I didn’t expect to be getting so close to Liam last night – and after the awesomeness of Sesh, it was the icing on the cake.”

Another fan compared the crowd’s reaction to a Beatles concert and described the star as being in a “good mood” and “more than happy” to speak to fans.

The fan said: “He took time out to chat to people and obviously very happy and enjoying it.

“He was closely shepherded by security but he made a point of giving people what they wanted which was a bit of time with him.

 “There was people screaming Liam, Liam! And he was smiling and chatting to people and getting round as many people as he could.

“It was a nice moment because a lot of people wouldn’t have done that. He says he loved Hull and he obviously does.”
Liam Gallagher’s MTV Unplugged gig will air on September 27 at 9pm. Read more about the gig here.