Liam Gallagher insists he’s not “desperate” for Oasis reunion as he admits recording solo record “through gritted teeth”

Oasis fans around the world were living in hope that their favourite band were going to reunite but now Liam Gallagher has shattered these hopes by calling his brother Noel a “k***head”.

The Don’t Look Back In Anger star, who recently promoted Supersonic with former bandmate and original Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs, has insisted that his brother is trying to make it out like he’s the one that is pushing a reunion.

“All I read about is loads of d**** saying, ‘he’s desperate’. I ain’t f***ing desperate, man,” he told the Daily Star.

“I’m in the studio doing a f***ing solo record. Now that’s going to be great.”

Liam went on to claim that his brother had joined the “dark side”, as he fumed: “Noel turned into a k***head, I stayed the same. Don’t believe a word he says – he’s pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes saying that’s the reason the band split up.”

It’s long been claimed that the band split after a shocking incident in Paris in August 2009. Noel has said that it was over after a guitar was levelled at his head, but Liam has given his version of events and basically ended with: “He f***ing started it!”

But while Liam has vented about the past and how he’s been portrayed in the media, he has admitted that he’s reluctantly doing a solo album and is prepared for people to “hate it”.

He said: “I’m doing a solo record, with gritted teeth because I’d rather be in a band, but I’m doing that and that’s going to be recorded and should be ready for the summer.”