Liam Gallagher is thought to plan the release of his solo album?

Some weeks ago we told you that a source close to Oasis Mania’ staff reported that Liam Gallagher was thought to be working on a new solo album.

At the same time, his brother Noel stated  “I’m amazed Liam has chucked it in, but he won’t stay out of the limelight for long. I think Liam should make a solo record – put his balls on the line, put his name up in lights and go for it…”


Now, a source of The Sun said that “Liam is eyeing up summer festival slots so he can preview some of his new stuff. Though he knows his song writing isn’t as consistent as Noel’s, he’s also well aware that his name carries a lot of clout in the music industry. His solo record would be one of the most highly-anticipated releases in British rock.”

But NME has immediatly replied writing that a spokeperson for Liam Gallagher decscribed the report as being “a totally fabricated rumor”, and he added that the suggestion he is working on a solo material “is not true”.

Source: NME