Liam Gallagher loves All Saints’ new song ‘One Strike’

Liam Gallagher loves All Saints’ new song ‘One Strike’

On February 26th the comeback single of All Saints was released.

The song, titled ‘One Strike‘, was inspired by the marriage breakdown of Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton.


Although the video for One Strike features Nicole throwing away one of the former Oasis frontman’s trademark Parka coats, according to Nicole he loves the record.
“He loves it. It is his favourite song. Really!” she told U.K. TV chat show host Alan Carr.
Howeve,r Nicole did not even know the song was about her troubled marriage until its writer Shaznay told her, as she recalls, “I didn’t even know and I was singing along to it, months later, and she went ‘You know when you spoke to me and told me?’ and I just went ‘Oh my god’ and it was quite heavy.”
“I was singing it and I didn’t know. I was just singing away because I was in a weird place at that time and then all of a sudden it was like ‘boom, yeah I get it’.”

The heartbroken All Saint also revealed to Alan how the girl group’s other members helped her get over the split from her rock star ex-husband, saying, “With a little help from my girlfriends. I’m really good.”
In fact the girls are so close that Nicole and her son are now living together with Melanie Blatt her daughter in her family home.

Source: New! Magazine