Liam Gallagher: “Mr. Bean should play Noel in Oasis drama”

Liam Gallagher: “Mr. Bean should play Noel in Oasis drama”

Liam Gallagher thinks Mr. Bean would be the perfect choice to play his brother Noel Gallagher in the story of their lives. 

The two siblings and former Oasisbandmates have barely spoken since Noel, 50, walked out on the rock ‘n’ roll band in 2009 and Liam, 45, has barely let a week pass in 2017 without aiming a jibe or criticism at the guitarist.

In his latest swipe at Noel, the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker believes if anyone was to ever make a drama about them and their group then Rowan Atkinson‘s accident prone comic alter ego would be appropriate to portray Noel on screen.

When asked by Absolute Radio’s Dave Berry who would play them both, Liam said: ”Mr. Bean for Noel, because he’s annoying, isn’t he? You just want to punch his f***ing head in and be like, ‘Stop f***ing about mate.”’

For himself, the outspoken musician chose his friend Rhys Ifans – who famously starred as an undertaker in the video for Oasis’ 2005 number one ‘The Importance of being Idle’, which was inspired by the play and film ‘Billy Liar’.

He said: ”I don’t wanna go down the sexy hunky route, so none of that Tom Hardy nonsense for me. Rhys Ifans would be good for me. He’s a bit out there. Rhys and Mr. Bean. There you go.”

Although there is yet to be drama series of film made about Oasis, 2016 saw the release of Mat Whitecross’ acclaimed documentary ‘Supersonic’.

The film charted the brothers incredible rise from a council house in Burnage, Manchester, to becoming the biggest band in the world in just three years.

Source: ContactMusic