Liam Gallagher: Next single is a rock ballad and he’ll sing “Be Here Now” tracks.

New unofficial revelations have been made on Liam Gallagher’s solo album.

Oasis’ frontman’s album is expected to be released between March and April 2017.

A few hours ago, on a very well known Oasis’ forum, a user who interviewed Liam Gallagher for a german magazine announced that Liam’s new album will have 12 tracks (one could be a secret track) and the new single will have one b-side.

He revealed: “The new single is a faster rock ballad…can’t describe it better (I could say now it’s the best Gallagher thing I heard for years but you won’t believe me…but it is)”.

He added that ‘Be Here Now’ songs were rehearsed already and they sound great. A new live cover is also planned, and the producer won’t be Dave Sitek.

Liam’s first show will be hosted in London between March 18 and 25; later, he will perform a few smaller gigs somewhere else in England (he could also use a different name), and for sure there will be a show at the Castlefield Bowl in Manchester; one more big show is planned in a still unknown location in the UK.
There’s a chance Liam will also perform at Glastonbury, and he’s planning Japan and US dates as well.