Liam Gallagher: “Noel’s ego is out of control”

Liam Gallagher: “Noel’s ego is out of control”

Liam Gallagher says Noel’s ego is “out of control” and doesn’t know what will make him happy.

Liam is on the cover of ICON, a magazine by Spanish newspaper El Pais. During the interview Liam discussed the breakup of Oasis, his relationship with Noel and whether a reunion is possible. He said, “They ask me that all the time, will Oasis return…It doesn’t look good right now. I begin to believe that Noel doesn’t really like me.

“I always thought that when he messed with me he was joking, that he loved me. But I have the feeling that it’s true that he does not like me. It’s a pity. I love him. We’re brothers. I have another brother (Paul Gallagher) and he doesn’t talk to him either. Noel is in his fucking world right now. I don’t know what’s up with that bastard. He’s not happy doing cosmic pop. He’s not happy being the leader. He’s not happy having all the money.”

“He’s not happy with his beautiful girlfriend. He’s not happy with his 80 million pounds. He’s not happy with anything. What the hell makes you happy? He will end up playing pubs because Oasis fans are going to end up to his nose. We (Oasis) should never have separated. There were no bad rolls, but he wanted to leave on his own. He couldn’t stand standing by my side because it took away prominence.”

“Fuck Noel. You know what? The kids go to my concerts. And they are working. I’m quite happy doing this. I spent years doing nothing and our manager talked about returning to Oasis, he refused: ‘Well the others in the group are in poor shape’ he said. Well I’m already fit. I could do it tomorrow. I’m ready. I’ve sold all the fucking tickets on my fucking tour. Let’s go! But it won’t happen because Noel wants everything for him. Your ego is out of control.”