Liam Gallagher not ready to re-friend Robbie Williams

Liam Gallagher not ready to re-friend Robbie Williams

Ourkid says it’s highly unlikely he’ll patch up his friendship with Robbie Williams anytime soon, because they are ”from different corners of the universe”.

The pair have been at loggerheads since the mid-90s, and the former Oasis frontman doesn’t see them meeting up or being on good terms anytime soon.

Asked if enough time has gone by for them to rekindle their friendship, the ‘Bold’ singer told the Herald Sun: ”God no. Not likely. We’re from different corners of the universe man.”

The ‘I Love My Life’ hitmaker recently reached out to Liam after hearing his debut solo record ‘As You Were’ – and more specifically the single ‘For What It’s Worth’.

Robbie believes the pair could put their differences aside to collaborate on a track.

When asked recently about the prospect of teaming up with Liam, he said: ”Yeah, I’d do a song with him. My favourite song of the year is his track ‘For What It’s Worth’. I think it’s the best song either Liam or Noel has written in the last 20 years.”

The 43-year-old heartthrob believes the hit track is ”amazing and timeless”, and whilst he’d love to perform it with the 45-year-old singer, he’s not sure Liam would be as pleased with the idea.

He added: ”It’s amazing and timeless; it just hits that sweet spot. It’s universal and speaks straight to the heart. He just got it completely right. I love it. Would I like to perform it with him at the NME Awards? I would like to see his face when you ask him.”

The pair were once the best of friends in 1995 after Robbie quit Take That, and they spent a weekend of soul-searching together at Glastonbury festival in Somerset, South West England.

However, that didn’t last long after Liam’s brother and bitter rival Noel Gallagher, now 50, called the ‘Let Me Entertain You’ hitmaker, ”the fat dancer from Take That”.

Robbie soon got his own back and sent a wreath to the Oasis brothers after his concerts in 2003 at Knebworth, Hertfordshire beat their record by selling out three shows in a row.

A few years later, Liam started dating Nicole Appleton – who was Robbie’s ex-girlfriend – and during an appearance at the BRIT Awards in 2000, Robbie offered to fight the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ singer for £100,000.

Source: Contactmusic