Liam Gallagher on being solo, ‘As You Were’, Oasis, Noel and more

Liam Gallagher on being solo, ‘As You Were’, Oasis, Noel and more

Despite going straight to number one with his debut solo album, rock’n’roll star Liam Gallagher has revealed he hates being a solo artist. 

The former Oasis man was in fine form recently, hitting out at brother Noel as well as ‘the shady little f*******’ at the top of the music industry, in an explosive interview with FAULT magazine.

Liam admitted that despite finding chart success again, he still misses being in a band alongside fellow musicians who could take on guitar and songwriting duties.

‘I don’t want to be solo,’ the 45-year-old said.

‘I don’t want to do it on my own – I’m not a guitar player or a prolific songwriter.’

Oasis reached unprecedented chart success in the mid-Nineties, famously playing to more than 250,000 fans over two nights at Knebworth.

And it seems Liam still looks back to those days with fondness, revealing that he misses the person his brother was in those times, adding: ‘I miss my brother the way he was back then and I miss singing those great songs that we all made great.’

But according to Liam, that Noel – who broke up the band after going solo following a dramatic bust-up – is long gone.

And reflecting on the famous break-up in Paris in 2009, Liam said he believes Noel engineered the feud in order to go solo.

He said: ‘That very moment I just went – right, there have been certain powers at play.

‘It wasn’t too big an argument; we’ve had worse arguments. What went down was something that was pre-planned.’

Adding: ‘I knew he was going to jump ship at some point.’

Liam was snapped in Glasgow on Monday ahead of his gig at the famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

For Oasis fans, the venue is hallowed turf, as it was where the Mancunian outfit were spotted and signed by Creation Records supremo Alan McGee.

It is also known for being one of the most raucous venues on the circuit, giving the Slide Away singer no option but to be on top form.

Which he says he is again, following some dark years which included the break-up of his marriage.

But Liam remained reflective about the tough times, admitting that much of it was brought on by his own actions.

‘I’ve been through a lot of shit, but it was shit that I caused. When you cause shit – you man up and fucking deal with it. Sometimes you have to fucking man up to your shit,’ he said.
But admitted not receiving any support from his brother or former band mates did sting.

‘My older brother Paul has always been there,’ she said. ‘I thought I’d at least get a call from Noel, but there was no call. I thought I’d get a call from my other manager, but nothing from them fucking cunts.

‘But then I met Debbie and she’s been there all the way. A lot of my mates are gone; I don’t really have anyone in London and that is fine. The universe is my mate.’

Moving on to more recent events, the star spoke out in light of the notorious Harvey Weinstein scandal, where it was revealed the powerful movie producer used his position to curry sexual favours from female stars.

Although he said he had never witnessed anything untoward directly, he agreed that it is going on in the music industry too, adding: ‘You know it’s there.

‘The shady little fuckers at the top. It’s not even with just men and women, it’s men and men too. All these pop bands – you hear about it with Take That but I’ve never witnessed any of it.’

But, in typically brash fashion, he did have a suggestion of how to stop women from being targeted unfairly in the industy.

‘Obviously get rid of all the s*** bags,’ he said.

‘If everyone took care of their s*** – everything would be cool. We all live together under one sky at the end of the day. Everyone just needs to cool the f*** out.’

On a brighter note, the star revealed he was over the moon about the success his album As You Were has achieved.

He said: ‘The night Oasis split I felt absolutely disappointed and then I felt exactly the opposite when my album went number 1.

‘In this day and age, rock’n’roll has got cobwebs on it. I never actually saw myself hitting the top once more but if you truly believe, things will happen.

‘I’ve been good to rock’n’roll and I reckon rock’n’roll will be good to me. It saved me twice.’

Embracing his new generation of fans, he said it was good to see fans the same age as his children attending his gigs.

‘I’ve got a lot of fans out there and I always have. My oldest kid is 18 and my friends have kids about the same age – so they’re going to bring them to the shows.

That’s a good thing, all you can do is make good music and do good gigs, do good interviews and try to sell it how it is.

‘Stay honest to what you are and don’t get carried away with all the show business s***.’

Finishing up, Liam, who’s single For What It’s Worth, received critical acclaim, discussed staying true to himself in an industry notorious for changing people.

‘I feel like I’ve maintained it without turning into the traps of the business. I’m still outspoken, I’m still wearing my heart on my sleeve and if people like it that’s fine. If you don’t then you don’t. I’m not a “yes man”.

Adding: ‘That’s all that I can do. I’m definitely not the saviour of music, I’m the savior of me.’

Source: Daily Mail