Liam Gallagher On His Love For The Stone Roses

Liam Gallagher On His Love For The Stone Roses

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the NME Gold about one of his favourite bands The Stone Roses, he said that they were an essential influence when he was growing up.

Liam Gallagher
Credit: Rakin

“I remember our kid having ‘Sally Cinnamon’, but it was ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ that first got me. I remember going to school, and my mate Damian, he had an elder brother who was well into them as well, and he was going ‘have you heard that band The Stone Roses? There’s this song called ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’.’

”I Wanna Be A Dog’? What the fuck’s that about?’ I must have been about 15 or 16, and then when I finally heard the record properly, it had a real fucking summery feel to it, a real lightness to it. And I was going through all this family shit at home and all that, and I just needed a bit of uplifting, you know what I mean? It was like having a B12 shot or something.”

He continued: “I remember around that time, in 1989 or whatever, just sitting in the park, long hot summers, and even though it was shit at home, that music was like another dimension.

“Maybe it was the drugs, but I think it was the music as well. I remember seeing them at Blackpool, Spike Island, and it was just… it’s youth, innit – you look back and nothing will ever compare to it: you’re young, you’ve got no kids, if you’ve got a job, who gives a fuck? You’ve got no bills to pay, you’re going back home to your mam, she’s cooking you breakfast, fucking life is free and easy, you know what I mean? And when you hear it, you go back to them times.”

Source: NME