Liam Gallagher on his plans for the wedding

Liam Gallagher spoke to Jonathan Ross about his plans to get married to Debbie Gwyther next year.

He talked about how he proposed to her while on holiday in Italy: “I went down on two knees and begged her.”

Speaking about the wedding and the first dance he said: “I might have to take up dance lessons. I fancy just freaking everyone out, doing a slide across the floor. Like what they do on Come Dancing, when they get up close and do the business.”

Asked whether he would go on Strictly, he said: “I’ll do it for the wedding, but I’m not doing it for everyone else to take the piss….

“My hips are not as good as they used to be. I do run every now and again, but I also go to the pub and drink loads of Guinness… I run to the pub and drink the Guinness.”

“It’s going to be abroad somewhere hopefully, it’s going to be hot. About 150 people”.