Liam Gallagher on Oasis 2021 reunion: “It’s gonna happen. Trust me”

Liam Gallagher on Oasis 2021 reunion: “It’s gonna happen. Trust me”

The iconic frontman Liam Gallagherjoined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky today and said there WOULD be an Oasis reunion in 2021.

Chris asked about Noel and Liam being offered £100million to do a reunion tour and he said: “I’d do it for nothing.

“There were talks about it but his [Noel’s] camp knocked it on the head. 

“It’s gonna happen. Trust me.”

In 2021? “Why not, eh?”

So what does the rock god suggest to get a wife or partner this Christmas? He said: “God knows. Peace and quiet, man, I think. 

“We just go out shopping, I just go, ‘Get what you want, even though it’s not as romantic as what people say, just get what you want, innit, then she’s happy. 

“There’s nothing worse than taking it back if you don’t like it. The disappointment on their face when they go, ‘I hate this,’ I cannot handle that. Then go out for a bit of a meal and that’s the way it goes.”

Speaking about online gigs, the 48-year-old said: “They’re ridiculous. Doing Zooms and doing gigs to no people in fields and all that, it’s a cop out and the minute you carry on doing stuff like that, that’s what they’re going to make you do. So, you know, think big all the time.”

Has the rock ’n’ roll star had to do a Covid test at all – and how did he find having to stick something unnatural up his nose?

“Putting things up your nose? Easy. Standard, do you know what I mean?”

His beautiful festive-sounding single is out now – but with no tinsel in sight. 

He said: “It’s got the Christmas vibe. We wrote it in the first lockdown. It’s good, man. It’s not cheesy and we don’t mention Rudolph and we don’t mention sleighs. 

“It’s got an old school kind of Bing Crosby vibe. Right now, all the proceeds of the single up until the New Year go to Action For Children.”

What a man, man. 

Source: Virgin Radio UK