Liam Gallagher on Paul Weller

In a recent interview for NME Gold, Liam Gallagher talked about how much he likes Paul Weller.

Liam said: “My other brother Paul was more into The Jam, when we were all living at home. He was massive on them. I really like The Jam as well, but I remember when he came out with his solo stuff, that was what I really got into, when he was doing ‘Into Tomorrow’ and things like that. After that I was into a lot of his stuff. I remember I went to see him at the Apollo with Steve Cradock around ‘Wild Wood’ and it was amazing. Amazing voice, amazing songs. He looked like an honorary Manc at the time. I thought he looked really cool. I like him then, I still like him now. All his new stuff is great: that thing he did for that boxing film recently (Jawbone), mega. We hung around him a lot, obviously, when Oasis kicked off”.

He continued: “He was Noel’s mate, but I got on with him, without a doubt, top geezer. He used to tell me to keep writing songs, keep going with it, and he always was into my voice. And he was mad as fuck. In the 90s he was madder than me and Noel put together, I’m telling you: he was wild.”

Source: NME Gold