Liam Gallagher on postponing wedding to Debbie Gwyther: “I ain’t hiding this pretty face”

Liam Gallagher on postponing wedding to Debbie Gwyther: “I ain’t hiding this pretty face”

Liam Gallagher has talked about his wedding plans being postponed to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Liam Gallagher, Debbie Gwyther

The former Oasis rocker was set to marry his fiancée and former PA Debbie Gwyther in Italy next month, but has confirmed they’ve officially moved the date to 2021 because they don’t want to wear face masks on the big day.

Asked on The Chris Moyles Show whether they had rescheduled their nuptials, the Shockwave singer said: “Yeah we’re getting married next year in Italy and it’s going to be mega.

“It’s been put back a year. It was meant to be next month, but they were saying you gotta wear face masks and I ain’t hiding this pretty face.”

“It’s a crime to do that,” he told Radio X presenter Chris Moyles and the team. “It is a crime. That’s the one thing about it.”

He concluded: “Poor Debs is not gonna wear a mask, it aint happening man”.

Last year saw Liam Gallagher talk about his plans to get dancing lessons ahead of his wedding.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror Newspaper, he said: “I’m going to get dance lessons beforehand.”I’m gonna fucking flamenco it up. We will be doing salsa all round the room.”

The Wall of Glass singer added to the paper’s Watts the Goss column: “I’m going to wear a black suit.

“Debbie’s going to have a Mariah Carey moment and change into an evening outfit.”

Looking ahead to the big day, he added: “It can’t be one of those do’s when you’re gagging for a drink.”

Gallagher also revealed that his mum Peggy told him to invite his brother Noel to the big day, and he will “get a little envelope through the door”.

However, as reported by Sky News, when asked about whether he was invited to his estranged siblings nuptial’s, Noel joked: “Yes, of course,” before adding: “No, I didn’t get an invite.

“Well, as he didn’t invite me to the previous four (three) weddings I’m not going to go to this one, am I?”

Source: Radio X

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