Liam Gallagher on prank calling his mother Peggy, Blur, and more

Liam Gallagher on prank calling his mother Peggy, Blur, and more

Liam Gallagher has released and interview for Mojo talking about prank calling to his mother Peggy, Blur, and more.

On making prank calls to his Mother Peggy 

“I sometimes make prank calls to her put on a BBC voice ‘Hello is this Margaret Gallagher?  We’re making a documentary for BBC 1 about the Mothers of Britain’s greatest rock singers, we’d love you to appear.’ For a second you hear her thinking about it, getting her hair done and then (Irish matriarchal voice) ‘Oh Liam you are a tulip!”’

He added:

“When she’s happy to hear from him she says, “Oh Liam you are a real tonic.” “And when I’ve wound here up she calls me ‘some tulip’, her way of calling me a cunt, basically.”

On Blur 

“I always had time for Coxon. Great guitarist, nice man. Quite liked Blur. Beetlebum was a tune. With the singer it was just because he’s so competitive. It was never personal until it became personal”.

On finding out he was named the UK’s most miserable Instagram account of any musician in the UK, according to a AI study. 

“It actually made me smile. I was livid no way am I miserable. I’m pretty deadpan, but inside there’s a party going on. Fuck Instagram, check my Twitter. I’m a buzz, mate. I’m too much some days I need restraining”.

On his next studio album 

“I’d like to make a punk record, like The Stooges, otherwise you fall into the trap of, ‘Oh, here’s another ballad .’ I don’t want to do any ballads next time. I want to make something raucous. I’d love to do an angry record no strings”.

Source: Mojo

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