Liam Gallagher on Primal Scream

Liam Gallagher on Primal Scream

In his interview for NME Gold Liam Gallagher talked about Primal Scream, saying he likes Bobby Gillespie a lot.

“I was trying to remember the first time I saw Primal Scream, and I thought it was at this festival up in Glasgow. Slam, I think it was called. It was around the time of Screamadelica, I think, and we’d done a load of Es and gone up there, but they weren’t playing: we just walked in to one of the tents, and the DJ started playing ‘Come Together’, and all I remember is thinking ‘What the fuck is this?’ It was just… the bollocks, man.”

He continued: “I saw them a few times since I’ve been in London. I love Bobby Gillespie, man, he’s a dude. I went down to The Bunker a few times. I know there’s a story about us jamming with the guy from Can – I don’t remember him, but apparently we had a little jam. I obviously can’t play anything, so I must have sat in the corner talking absolute shit on drugs.”

Source: NME Gold