Liam Gallagher on ‘The Rain’ and ‘Oasis’

Liam Gallager has spoke to BBC Radio 6 about joining The Rain he changed the band’s name to Oasis, inspired by the Oasis Leisure centre in Swindon where Noel had recently roadie-ed with Inspiral Carpets. 

He said “Obviously they were called The Rain, but before we go any further, we had to stop that name, I was never in Rain, we were in Oasis,” Liam tells Matt. “The day I joined it was Oasis! That was the first time I sang into a mic – it was interesting, I had the confidence… I felt comfortable up there without a doubt. It was like, ‘Right, you brought me the microphone, now bring me the people!’”

Listen to The First Time With Liam Gallagher on BBC Radio 6 from 1pm (UK Time) Sunday 24th December.