Liam Gallagher on why he Tweeted Noel on his 50th birthday

Liam Gallagher has revealed his motivation for wishing his brother, Noel, a “Happy 50th” Birthday on Twitter.  

Asked by Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan if it was a difficult tweet to send, the rocker joked: ”Well me mam did tell me to do it. Nah she didn’t. I swear to God she didn’t.”

The Oasis legend explained: “Nah, I just woke up, you know with all the stuff that went on in Manchester, I woke up and I just thought: ‘You know what? You know I’m going there. Happy Birthday’.

“And plus, I wanted to remind everyone he’s an old fart now. You know, the old 1.6m followers, There were people going like that: ‘What? he’s 50?’ I was like that: ‘Indeed. Yes he is.’”

The outspoken rocker added: “But you know I did mean it. He’s my brother, man, and I love him. As much as we get into all the tittle and tattle and that, you know, I wish him well man”.