Liam Gallagher – Once (review)

Liam Gallagher – Once (review)

Well, well, well.

The wheel has not been reinvented.

There are no black stars dancing.

This is, in many ways, exactly what one would expect from Liam Gallagher…there is a “shiiiine”, cool rhymes with pool (more accurately coo-el is rhymed with poo-el) and before the end things go a bit Sgt. Pepper with trippy, psychedelic noises off and, somewhere in the shadows, clocks tick.

No revolution.

No real evolution.

The same.

But when the same sounds as good as this you don’t need to worry about taking huge leaps forward.

“Once” is a hymn to the dreams we had as children, a melancholy song of devotion, an inspiring mess of malady and raw emotion.  I can’t help but feel that, again, there are messages for Noel…“It was easier to have fun back when we had nothing”“…I remember how you used to shine”“You only get to do it once”.  Or maybe these are messages for himself…an attempt to draw a line under the past.


This is further evidence of Gallagher juniors commitment to staying true to his rock and roll vision.  It is good to have someone like Liam Gallagher around, he is honest, unapologetic, true to himself and still the greatest front man in rock and roll today.   Thinking about a music scene entirely populated by the likes of Gerry bloody Cinnamon or Ed Sheeran is depressing…fine songwriters they may be and, undoubtedly, characters like them sell tickets and shift units but you would be hard pushed to care if one, or both, of them disappeared off the face of the earth.  Their place would be taken by…another one.  When Liam is gone there will be nobody like him again.