Liam Gallagher pitches “Oasis: The Musical” on Twitter

Liam Gallagher has used the 25th anniversary of the Oasis debut album Definitely Maybe to have another dig at his brother Noel – by suggesting that the story of he brothers could be made into a stage musical.

He tweeted: “Oasis the musical: 5 lads from Manchester start a band and take on the world. The little 1 who writes the songs turns into a massive c**t sacks everyone except his little brother as he ain’t got the arse splits up the band – there’s a story line for ya.”

Yesterday, Liam spoke to Chris Moyles on Radio X about marking ten full years since Oasis split after Noel walked out on the band.

He said of his brother: “Wonder where he is in the world. I bet he’s hiding in a cupboard somewhere in a dark room.”

Source: Radio X