Liam Gallagher really wants to play Knebworth again

Liam Gallagher has teased a return to Knebworth and says he might know other artists keen to get involved.

Oasis played two of the biggest shows in British music history on the grounds of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire in 1996, where they attracted a total of 250,000 fans across two nights.

Now, it looks like the Shockwave singer wants to recreate the magic moment all over again, telling Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music’s Beats 1: “I prefer to stay away from the stadiums. And I think, Knebworth, I can do with getting back around there again. I don’t know whether it’s like but, I think it’s definitely doable.

“If you get the right line up, you get all the top bands on there…it’s well doable and I think it’d be mega. If not, we’ll just do a pub in Knebworth.”