Liam Gallagher responds to Noel’s absence from the BRIT Award nominations

Liam Gallagher has responded to his brother Noel Gallagher not being nominated for a BRIT Award, claiming that he “was looking forward to hurling abuse at him and his poshos from across the room.” 

The nominations for the 2018 BRIT Awards were revealed yesterday, with LG nominated for the British Male Solo Artist category. Responding to the announcement, Gallagher tweeted “So I hear I’ve been nominated for british male solo artist at the Brits this year “YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT”as you were LG x“.

Just hours later, he hit out at his brother, who was not nominated in any category. “So the creepy 1 gets blanked at the Brits oh well was looking forward to hurling abuse at him and his poshos from across the room,” he tweeted, following it up hours afterwards with a clarification, after some accused the ‘As You Were’ singer of ‘bragging’. He tweeted: “Bragging not really i know I’m not gonna win just pointing out to the gobshite who said nobody gives a fuck what liam gallagher thinks LG x”.

Check out Liam’s tweets below.

Noel recently denied that he felt any ‘brotherly support’ for Liam any more, but did thank him for ‘promoting’ his record by frequently slamming him on Twitter

“I think at the beginning, from this side of the fence, there was a lot of good will as in, yeah, man, ‘I fucking hope it works, it’s about fucking time’,” he continued. “But that’s all gone now because it got personal. So it’s like, ‘fuck what he does. As long as he keeps promoting my record, there’s a good boy’.”

He added: “I don’t give a fuck as long as he promotes it on his twitter feed. It’s like, I’m over here doing my thing, you’re over there doing my thing, and never the twain shall meet, thank you very much.”

Source: NME