Liam Gallagher reveals: ‘I was crazy for Madonna’

Liam Gallagher reveals: ‘I was crazy for Madonna’

For years the star had us believe it was The Stone Roses that got him into the singing groove. 

But he finally opened his heart and revealed he was crazy for Madge first.

But Liam only lives to tell his Madonna fetish after surviving a serious blow to the head.

Justifying his love, Liam explained: “I was always into football and I was never really into music.

“But then I got into some trouble at school, this geezer whacked me with this hammer and split my head open. When I woke up the first piece of music which went into my brain was Like A Virgin by Madonna.”

“I was sitting in hospital, singing along to Like A Virgin. I was thinking: ‘What the f***?’.”

“So Madonna, thank you very much.”

But Liam must be disappointed that Madonna is a big fan of estranged brother Noel’s music first and foremost.

She even attended his 50th birthday party this year, unlike Liam.

Noel, meanwhile, has been teasing new solo music of his own.

He posted a picture of a tattered banner that read “It’s A Beautiful World”, thought to be the title of a song.

It will arrive after Liam’s solo debut, As You Were, which lands October 6.

Liam added: “This album I guess is the most personal album I’ve ever been involved with, because I’ve written the majority of it… there’s a lot of truth in it.”