Liam Gallagher reveals the hilarious reason he wants to move to Paris

Liam Gallagher reveals the hilarious reason he wants to move to Paris

Ex-Oasis frontman has revealed that he intends to move to Paris, explaining that he wants to “rock a beret” while riding “a wonky bike with a baguette on my arm”. 

The former Oasis frontman was recently speaking to The Sunday Mirror when he said: “I’m definitely moving to Paris. By the time I am 50 I am going to live in Paris.”

“I fucking love it,” the 45-year-old singer explained. “I love the buildings… I’ve done everything and you think, ‘What goals have I got left?’

“I will rock a beret easy,” Gallagher went on to add. “I’ll rock the onions as well and a stripy thing and a wonky bike with a baguette on my arm. I’ll rock that.”

“We love it and [girlfriend and manager] Debbie speaks French so she can do all the ordering,” Liam added.

Meanwhile, Liam has announced details of the biggest solo headline show of his career – playing London’s Finsbury Park next summer.

It’s already been a massive year for Gallagher. His debut solo album ‘As You Were‘ went straight in at number one and became the fastest-selling vinyl record of the last 20 years. The album outsold the rest of the top 20 combined after shifting a massive 103,000 records in its first week.

Gallagher also recently confirmed that he’ll be following up ‘As You Were’ with a second album.

“I’m made up that the album’s been received really well,” he said. “There’s a lot of people who get a number one with like 3,000 copies these days, and that ain’t fuckin’ good enough for me. Obviously it sold well, and it seemed like people really want a Liam Gallagher record, so that’s made me happy. I guess we’ll go and do another one!”

Source: NME