Liam Gallagher reveals what he bought with his first royalty cheque

Liam Gallagher has revealed what he bought with the first royalty cheque he ever received.

Liam is set to appear on BBC 6Music’s ‘The First Time With…’ show on Christmas Eve.

In a clip from the show, he tells host Matt Everitt about his first purchase with royalty money, revealing that the item would later end up on the cover for Oasis‘ ‘Definitely Maybe‘.


“I don’t know about the cheque, I’m still waiting for it mate” Gallagher joked. “I remember the first thing I bought with it was a scooter – a 1954 Lambretta, which I’ve still got. That’s on the cover of ‘Definitely Maybe’. There’s some shots of it on there.”

He also explained he used his second royalty cheque to buy his mum a house, “but she didn’t want it”. “It was a lovely little cottage up in Heaton Moor,” he said. “I give her the keys and she’s going, ‘What do I want this for?’ I was like, ‘Cos it’s better than the one that you’re in, innit.’ She goes, ‘No, I don’t want it.’

“So I had to sell it back to the geezer,” he continued. “She didn’t want it. She goes, ‘All I want is a brand new gate.’ Cheap date, mate – you know what I mean? So I went, ‘I’ll tell you what, I can do better than that – I’ll buy you a fence and a gate.’ And that’s all she’s ever wanted.”

Liam said that his mum “took offence” at the suggestion she needed a new house, and still lives in “the same house with the same fence and the same gate”.
“She’s a legend,” he added.

You can hear the full interview on BBC 6Music at 1pm on Christmas Eve.


Source: NME