Liam Gallagher reworks ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Supersonic’ in coronavirus hand-washing videos

Liam Gallagher has reworked Oasis classics ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Supersonic’ in order to teach people to wash their hands properly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Posting on Twitter, the former Oasis frontman shared two clips of him singing the iconic tunes – renamed ‘Wonderwash’ and ‘Soapersonic’ – while washing his hands, in a bid to convince his fans to follow suit.

Reworking ‘Wonderwall’ with new lyrics, Gallagher sings: “Today’s gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you/ By now you should have somehow realised what you’ve got to do/ Wash your hands, scrubs your toes/ Scratch your arse and pick your nose/ C’mon, you know.”

For ‘Supersonic’, he sings: “I need to be myself/ I can’t be no one else/ I’m feeling soapersonic/ Give me gin and tonic/ You can have it all but how much do you want it/ Wash your hands you little fuckers.

Source: NME