Liam Gallagher rules out Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher rules out Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher has discovered he doesn’t need to reunite Oasis to feel like a rock’n’roll star. He just needs to perform their old hits.

The rapturous reception he received from fans on his Australian tour, where he performed favourites including Morning Glory, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Wonderwall, floored him.

Liam had refused to play Oasis songs in his Beady Eye band but relented for the world tour in support of his acclaimed debut solo album As You Were.

He said he appreciated Australia was the only country in the world which had never given Wonderwall “a bad rap”.

“Over here, they love it, they don’t give it a bad rap. And you should be loving it, man, it’s a good tune,” he said.

“It blew my head off watching all the kids do it because obviously I haven’t played it for a bit out here and I looked around and everyone is up on shoulders. Wow, beautiful man.

“We should never have split up but I’m arsed if the band gets back together now because I’m getting that rush I wasn’t getting in Beady Eye because we weren’t doing the songs.

“Now we are doing these gigs and some of them on this tour have been like old Oasis gigs. Obviously I miss my brother being there and miss the other lads … but I’m coming off the stage and I’ve been floored like I was in Oasis.”

While Liam has always been the most optimistic of the brothers about a reunion of the band, the dawning of 2018 has him doubting it will ever happen.

It appeared rock’s most enduring sibling stoush was over around Christmas when Liam told fans on social media the pair had called a truce.

But he reignited their feud in Sydney this week, sledging Noel’s recent album Who Built The Moon? and suggesting his brother wasn’t keen on getting the band back together because he would have to “share the limelight”.

“No, I don’t see it ever happening. I know what our Noel’s like and if you put him next to me mate, he’s like a f … ing wallflower mate. That’s why it ain’t happening,” he said.

Renowned for his excesses in Oasis which resulted in airline bans and occasional run-ins with police, Liam said he has stayed out of the bars on this Australian tour.

The result has been incendiary gigs at the Falls Festival and sold-out headline concerts which have been scored rave reviews.

“I think because I’ve been behaving myself I’ve been able to get through the gigs properly,” he said.

“If I go into a bar, I’ll end up f … ing drinking and doing all that naughty stuff and then trouble seems to follow me around.”

Some of his downtime has been spent watching tennis, with the uncensored star declaring his support for Nick Kyrgios on social media after his recent win at the Brisbane International, telling the rebellious Australian player “don’t listen to the beige boys do your thang …”.

Liam said he admires Kyrgios’ passion and that he didn’t play “like a robot”.

“I like him because he’s got a bit of a temper and something about him. He’s not killed anyone, you know what I mean?” he said.

“He’s a bit passionate and he’s done stupid things, don’t we all?

“I was watching him and some geezer came on with a tie going ‘Well, you know he still needs to calm down’ and all of that. Ah, leave him alone, he’s just won something and I’m sure he will calm down in due time.

“Not everyone has to be the f … ing same; it’s nice to have characters.”

Liam jokes touring also provides an escape from the regular parenting dilemmas he faces with his teen sons Lennon and Gene.

He said he can hardly tell them to “do as I say, not as I do”. If he tries to stop them fighting, they retort “You don’t speak to your brother!”

When he cautions them to treat their girlfriends with respect, they point out he “dicked around” their respective mothers, Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton.

“I ain’t got a leg to stand on,” he said.

While 18-year-old Lennon is trying his hand at modelling, Liam suggests Gene will be the next Gallagher rock’n’roll star.

“Gene has been on tour with me, going out and putting the tambourine out and getting a taste of the crowd. He plays guitar and he plays drums and he’s got the look and he’s a moody little s …, he’s got the attitude,” he said.

“Lennon does a bit of modelling, he’s a bit chilled and smoking his roll-ups and thinks he’s a bit f … ing Shakespeare.

“Whereas Gene just needs to join a band. He’ll be the next one, definitely.”

Source: Herald Sun