Liam Gallagher says bags are still packed for Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher says bags are still packed for Oasis reunion

Singer Liam Gallagher has told RTÉ 2FM that if the opportunity arises for an Oasis reunion with estranged brother Noel his bags are packed and he is “ready to go at any given time”. 

Gallagher, who played in Dublin this week, makes the comments in an interview he has recorded for Dave Fanning’s 2FM show on Saturday morning.

In the typically candid encounter, he discusses his new solo career, the Manchester benefit concert which many had hoped Oasis would reunite to play, and if he is fed up with people asking about whether he and Noel will ever work together again.

“I love Oasis,” Gallagher replies. “Oasis is over – not by my doing. If it happens, it happens. I’m ready to go at any given time – my bags are packed.

“If Oasis got back together tomorrow, I could deliver the goods without a doubt. If it doesn’t, I do this. I’d prefer to be in a band like Oasis but it’s not meant to be. I’ll take the next best thing, which is me.”

When asked how far he is looking ahead as a solo artist, Gallagher says he is “living right in the moment”. “That’s what I’ve learned over the last 20 years,” he continues. “Be here now, live in the moment.”