Liam Gallagher says Boris Johnson won’t be able to stop ‘p**sheads’ going to the pub

Liam Gallagher says Boris Johnson won’t be able to stop ‘p**sheads’ going to the pub

Liam Gallagher has claimed the government ‘won’t be able to stop ‘p**sheads’ going to the pub’ amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Liam Gallagher

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advised the public to avoid bars, pubs and restaurants to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

However, the Oasis star doesn’t think the measures will keep pub-goers away.

Taking to hit Twitter account this morning, Noel Gallagher’s brother wrote: “If this Gov can’t stop the youth from stabbing each other how the f**k they gonna stop the p**sheads from going to the pub, c’mon you know LG x.”

One fan replied: “It’s tradition, get bladdered at weekend. Was supposed to be on a stag do to Lisbon. But looks like getting bladdered in town instead.”

While another joked: “The words of a prophet…”

A third chimed in: “Liam for Prime Minister.”

Many pubs are still open, despite the government recommendations.

Some have blasted the government’s decision not to fully close, and many say they can’t claim on their insurance.

Liam’s comments come as he said he was self-isolating at home amid the outbreak, but still enjoying a beer.

The star, who insisted his upcoming wedding in Italy is still going ahead, was asked by a Twitter follower if he was taking care of himself.

The rocker replied: “I’ve been having a bevvy indoors not left the house.”

Another asked: “Don’t have coronavirus yet Liam?” with him replying”: “No sign of it.”

He also spoke about people stockpiling various household items, including toilet roll, which has seen supermarket shelves left bare. He labelled people purchasing unnecessary amounts of toilet roll as “ridiculous.”

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