Liam Gallagher says brother Noel is passing lockdown time ‘counting his money’

Liam Gallagher has ignited the feud with his brother and fellow Oasis star Noel Gallagher with a fresh dig.

The singer has been holed up in his north London abode since the coronavirus outbreak.

The Mancunian musician, who recently cancelled several of his upcoming shows due to the deadly bug, has decided to stay indoors in order to combat the life-threatening virus.

On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued instructions to the nation, urging people to stay indoors and put the nation on lockdown in order to combat coronavirus and elevate the stress on the NHS.

Trying to find light relief in these uncertain times, the 47-year-old has posted a variety of videos and has been asking fan questions over the last couple of days.

With his estranged brother Noel also in lockdown, his 3.1million followers posed a number of questions to the Wall of Glass hitmaker about his older sibling.

One fan asked: “How do you think Noel is passing the time while on lockdown?”

Taking a dig at his family member, he replied: “Counting his money.”