Liam Gallagher says he wants to reform Oasis, but Noel is refusing

Liam Gallagher confirmed that he would like to reform Oasis, but that his brother Noel is refusing.

On twitter, Liam announced that he’s going to release some “new sounds”.

He wrote: “Listen up: no Oasis reunion. Rkid’s not into it. I am -he’s too busy being beige. New sounds on their way. Stay cool, and most of all stay relevant.”

A fan answered to his tweet, saying “You can hardly blame him Liam. He’s a Lennon/McCartney class musician and you’re an average singer with attitude”.

Liam started arguing with him: “You reckon you soppy c**t he’s average and you know it you stay tuned big ears be prepared to be dazzled as you were knob jockey”.

When the fan told him “..stop living off your brother’s talent”, Liam added “Other way round f**kface I made him and I made you now go and play with your Noel doll you little freak”.

Earlier today, Liam simply tweeted “Greedy soul”, that could be the title of a new song or new album.
He also tweeted “It’s official, R&R is back”, and Bonehead commented it with a ‘power’ fist emoji. Does this mean that Bonehead is collaborating with Liam on a new project?

We don’t know yet if Liam has created a new band after the Beady Eye break-up in 2014 or if he’s working solo, but he previously declared that he wouldn’t release a solo album because “I’m not a c**t”.

Source: NME