Liam Gallagher says he’ll ‘take every drug on the planet’ when he’s old

Liam Gallagher says he’ll ‘take every drug on the planet’ when he’s old

Liam Gallagher reveals his typically Liam Gallagher response to getting old in a new episode of the BBC’s music show Backstage Pass. 

When asked if he’s worried about the future, the Liam reveals his plans to ‘take hardcore hallucinogenics’ and ‘trip my bollocks off until I die’.

Of course he is.

The 12-minute episode follows the former Oasis star as he gears up to perform in Paris, right up until the moment he takes to the stage with his band.

So what is Backstage Pass?

The BBC iPlayer show centres on a different artist each time as they get ready for a live performance. Previous artists who have featured are Kasabian and Olly Murs

What’s Liam Gallagher’s episode about?

Filmed earlier this year, cameras capture Liam as he hangs out with his friends and family and chats to press before performing at Lollapalooza in Paris, the first ever Lollapalooza to be held in the city.

What are the highlights?

Along the way he’s quizzed about fashion, his upcoming solo album As You Were and what his feelings are about aging.

Answering the latter, he says: ‘I can’t wait until I’m about 80. I’m gonna take hardcore hallucinogenics, I’m gonna drink loads of f*****g alcohol, and get into every drug on the planet, and then I’m just gonna sit there in a waistcoat, and in a pair of mad f*****g trousers with a pair of cowboy boots on, a f*****g perm, and I’m just gonna f*****g dribble myself to death and not have to worry about f**k all. F*****g trip my bollocks off until I die. I can’t wait.’

He also reveals the most touristy thing he’s done in Paris is ‘have a Le Big Mac with mayonnaise and French fries’.

Any snark about his beloved brother Noel?

Of course. This is Liam Gallagher we’re talking about. One great moment comes when he’s talking to press, and a journalist asks him why he’s surrounded by cameras.

Explaining that he’s filming for the BBC, Liam quips: ‘I don’t usually travel with loads of people, I’m not Beyoncé… or Noel Gallagher.’

Anything else?

LG is who he is and he’s never going to change, which makes for a really entertaining episode. You could easily watch an hour of him moaning about the death of rock ‘n’ roll.

I’m sold. When can I watch it?

Backstage Pass: Liam Gallagher arrives on BBC iPlayer on September 8.