Liam Gallagher says Moscow Rules ‘is not pro-Russia’

Liam Gallagher says Moscow Rules ‘is not pro-Russia’

‘Moscow Rules’ is the name of one of the tracks included into Liam Gallagher new album ‘C’mon You Know’.

The song is co-written with Vapire WeekendsEzra Koening, and its title was unforunately choosen before Russian events.

Speaking with radio station 94.5 The Buzz, Liam Gallagher clarifies that ‘Moscow Rules’ has nothing to do with Russia.

“It’s nothing to do with ‘Moscow is cool, or it rules’, it’s not pro Moscow, you know what I mean.”

“The timing is a bit s****y, but when people hear it they’ll realise it is what it is and it’s nothing to do with that.”

He concluded:

 “If people really kick up a storm about it and they don’t want it then just don’t f***ing listen to it, you know what I mean, simple as that, it’s only music, if it really upsets people then I guess we can bin it off, it’s not a problem.”

Source: Yahoo News

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