Liam Gallagher says Noel is a ‘sell-out’ for allowing Half The World Away to be used by John Lewis in Christmas ad

Liam Gallagher really did not appreciated the choice of his brother Noel of allowing Oasis’ Half The World Away to be used in the John Lewis Christmas ad and now he is furious with his elder brother.


One friend of the singer’s, according to the Daily Mirror, said: ‘Liam has been making his usual snidey remarks about the song being on the John Lewis advert. He’s told mutual friends and family that Noel is a sell-out, and even joked that he won’t be welcome in the local pub near their mum’s house, J J Finan’s – not that he can enforce that!’
The brothers are both expected to pay a visit to their mother Peggy’s hometown of Charlestown, County Mayo, Ireland over the festive period.
‘He accused Noel of being shameless for letting John Lewis use the track, and has told family he doesn’t want the pair’s visit to cross over,’ the source added.

Source: Mail Online