Liam Gallagher says Noel is doing Oasis songs ‘like Dolly Parton’

Liam Gallagher has described his brother Noel as performing Oasis songs “like Dolly Parton.”

The former Oasis frontman is preparing to release his debut solo album ‘As You Were‘ later this year. The album will be released on October 6 and will feature singles ‘Wall Of Glass‘ and ‘Chinatown‘.

Speaking to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe today (July 25), Liam discussed getting back on stage after four years away. “I‘ve got the relationship back with my kids and stuff, and all is good in the world, but I’m ready to get back on stage and do some screaming and shouting.

“If you want to come and hear Oasis songs done properly come to my gigs. Our kid’s doing them like Dolly Parton.”

Source: NME