Liam Gallagher sends message to Liverpool fans after Man City ban appeal

Liam Gallagher sends message to Liverpool fans after Man City ban appeal

Celebrity Manchester City fan Liam Gallagher has hit out at Liverpool after his side saw their two-year ban from the Champions League overturned on Monday.

Liam Gallagher

City were faced with an expulsion from Europe’s premier competition for the next two seasons after it was alleged they were overstating sponsorship revenue in accounts submitted between 2012 and 2016.

After an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, it was ruled that City were not disguising equity funding as sponsorship contributions and as such can now take part in next season’s Champions League.

City must still pay a “significant” – albeit reduced – fine of 10million euros as they were found to have “contravened Article 56 of the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations” relating to cooperation with UEFA investigations.

Former Oasis frontman, Gallagher, launched into a tirade against Liverpool on Twitter following the news and became embroiled in a series of arguments online with Reds fans this afternoon.

Gallagher made reference to an incident in 2018 when Man City’s team bus was vandalised before a Champions League game at Anfield as he let rip in a series of foul-mouthed responses to Reds fans.

“What was that about being banned from Europe[?] sit down” he tweeted before adding: “The CHUMPIONS you’ll know about it nxt season”.

In response to one Reds supporter who told him Jurgen Klopp’s side didn’t need hundreds of millions to be a success, the Wonderwall singer repiled: “No but you need quite a big cheque to get KDB (Kevin De Bruyne) of[f] us like youse were banging on about dream on”.

Another fan who told Gallagher he should be thankful for Liverpool and its birthing of The Beatles was given the reply: “You ain’t got enough to sign KDB so zip it.”

The 47-year-old subsequently sent out a slew of one-word responses to Reds supporters reminding him of Liverpool’s victory in this season’s Premier League title race.

Liverpool’s draw with Burnley on Saturday leaves them with a 21-point lead over City at the summit of English football with the Reds having wrapped up the title in record time after just 31 matches.


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