Liam Gallagher shares his thoughts on Noel’s new music, compares him to David Hasselhoff

Liam Gallagher shares his thoughts on Noel’s new music, compares him to David Hasselhoff

Liam Gallagher has hit out once again at Noel – saying that while he’s sure his brother’s new album is ‘great’, he believes that “David Hasselhoff is more psychedelic”.The siblings and former Oasis bandmates had already come to blows over new material, after Liam claimed that Noel’s psychedelic direction on new album ‘Who Built The Moon‘ was akin to “a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab“.

Now, he’s gone as far to suggest that the record will be boring an inauthentic.

“If none of us were making music then it would be a valid point going ‘go on, get the band back together’, but there’s two albums coming out now that people like,” Liam told Radio X about their output since their split. “People like Noel, people like me, people hate Noel, people hate me, so there’s a lot of good music coming from the Gallaghers at the moment.”

Talking about the sound of Noel’s new record, Liam said: “Did you have a good sleep after it? That’s what I needed last night, man – to be out for the count. I wouldn’t have got here today. I’d be there snoring like a big old bear.”

When quizzed if he knew if Noel had heard his upcoming solo debut ‘As You Were’, Liam replied: “I’m sure he has. I don’t care if he likes it or not, I don’t care what he thinks. I know for a fact that deep down he’ll be going (*shakes head*). As a music-lover, if it’s good then it’s good. I’m sure his album’s great, do you know what I mean?”

Admitting that he’d heard the various snippets of the album that Noel had put online, Liam said: “It’s very U2-y, if you like that kind of thing. He’s trying something new, and why not? I can’t wait for him to play it live…that’ll be good…good luck with that mate!

“There was no point of me coming back with a psychedelic record. I need to get back to doing the songs, so I’m quite happy with that kind of thing. If you’re going to do psychedelic music then at least take mushrooms. I hate those people who sit there and read a book on how to do psychedelic music. You’re meant to take loads of mushrooms and start dribbling and see what happens. Designer psychedelia is not what it’s about.”

At this point in the interview, Liam picked up a poster advertising a new ocean cruise with David Hasselhoff, and this is as another opportunity to take a pop at Noel for his tour including the opportunity for an ‘enhanced experience‘ for up to $350.

“He’s more psychedelic than our kid,” said Liam, looking at the poster, calling the cruise “an enhanced experience with David Hasselhoff”.

Source: NME